Refashion Runway Week Three: Peplum

What is peplum anyway?  A dictionary definition might be something like:

A short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.

It comes from a Greek word, peplos, that referred to a robe worn by women in Ancient Greece.

But how was that going to help me with this week’s challenge as I sew along with the Refashion Runway?

Well,  first we needed raw material.


This looked pretty raw to me…


Husband said, “That hurts my eyes.”  Young son said, “How tall a person was that meant for?”  Daughter added, “That is ghastly!”

But, it was what I had,  and it was time to get to work.

First, I wanted to open up the neck.  There was a very wide facing inside that was ready-made to be a little wider.


Then it was time to get serious with scissors. This is always a scary moment–what if I take off too much?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That skirt-thing on the bottom, at least the smaller top layer, was an already shaped and hemmed peplum.  Just needed to do a little fitting and add a few belt loops.  Also, shortened the sleeves to my favorite 3/4 length. Ta-dah!  A top!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaughter was the photographer and had to dodge chickens and the rain, but we got the job done.


Go check out Refashion Runway Season Two to see  other refashionista peplum creations.

15 thoughts on “Refashion Runway Week Three: Peplum

  1. Oh, my gosh, with that first picture I was thinking, “What can she possibly do to make that look good?” But you did it! The top is cute. You are able to see beauty in the middle of ugliness. Great job, Michelangelo of the remodel!

  2. i knew you could do it…you are absolutely the best at this refashioning…the peplum is something I’ve always liked and wear when I can find them…it looks great on you…and I know they are comfortable..i like the color too although I didn’t on the original piece..i’m with young son—how tall was the person this was meant for??????

  3. Oh, my gosh, Deanna!! What a Cinderella story!! That dress was sooooo bad and that top is soooooooooo cute!! Gotta see this one for myself one day!! :-))

  4. what a truly stunning transformation! It looks fashionable and fits great. amazing what a little repurposing can do.

  5. Ok now I know what a peplum is. Thanks. The dress wow there are no words except yikes! however the top is so cute. Nice work as usual. You are amazing.

  6. Very nice, and great use of the already-sewn ruffle. This looks so different from the dress – less is truly more.

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