Big Weekend. Big Finishes.

I recently got two quilts back from the quilters and, while I usually dive in and get the bindings on right away, I saved them up for this weekend:  Conference Weekend.  Twice a year, the first weekends in October and April, the members of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gather all over the world to hear messages of prophets to guide our lives and give us additional hope, strength and direction for the next six months.

While I find Conference very enjoyable, eight hours of meetings in two days does get a little long.  I stay awake and pay better attention if my hands are busy.  Two large quilts needing binding?  Perfect! By Sunday afternoon, I was energized and the quilts were FINISHED!

First up is the Jewel Box quilt.  For no particular reason, this quilt took me about 5 years to finish.  Not hard.  Not really that many pieces.  Just a lot of starting and stopping.  It isn’t a particular pattern, just my take on a traditional design.  It finished a large queen size.


It was one of the first scrappy quilts I made. Fun to play with the colors.


I love Barbara’s quilting.  She called it an edge-to-edge overall pattern, but took the time to put a flower in each diamond piece.


This quilt is for Daughter when she gets older–maybe a graduation or wedding quilt.


Next is the Pinwheel Sampler.  This started as a quilt along on psiquilt, again several years ago.  I wanted a bigger quilt so added to the original idea, making two each of twenty different pinwheel blocks.


Another scrappy experiment.  But I like it.  Using a bone colored background instead of bright white gives the quilt a softer, antique-y look.


Tara, the quilter, put this terrific design in the borders, and a large flower/sunburst on each block.  Again, I am very pleased with the results.


While I enjoy the speed and efficiency of machine quilting, I don’t like quilts to feel over quilted, where there is more thread than fabric.  Also, while I can admire them in the quilts of others, I am not a big fan of wreaths and feathers.  Simple, open designs please me.


It was lovely to sit and listen to beautiful music and inspiring words AND have two long-awaited finishes besides.  What a great weekend!

Here are a few parting thoughts from the notes I took while listening and stitching.

“What is said is not as important as what I hear.”

“Never look back. Look at what we have left to do.”

“The past is to be learned from, but not lived in.”

“Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.”

“You must become the rock the river cannot wash away.”

“The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He does rebellion.”

9 thoughts on “Big Weekend. Big Finishes.

  1. Wow, I’m amazed. Those were some of the very thoughts that struck me this weekend! Love your finishes. Makes me feel better. On Saturday, I caught up on my August CQJP2013 block – finished that one. You’re right, I can listen better when my hands are busy, when there’s that much time involved. I had a lot harder time today when I wasn’t stitching, but Pres. Monson’s talk made me cry – maybe because we share some of the same feelings, but he put a good spin on it that I lacked.

  2. Beautiful finishes – especially the rainbow quilt- wow! Thank for the thoughts: I especially like “The Lord sees weaknesses differently than He does rebellion”. I am so thankful for grace.

  3. what beautiful quilts—and thoughts…going to print the thoughts and put them right up here on the board above my computer and read them everyday…

    love both quilts but the jewel box is especially gorgeous..i know how long you have been working on it and it is worth all the time and the rainbow effect..and the scrappy pinwheel sampler is pretty too…I love scrappy…have wanted to try that since you started on it but haven’t found the time yet…

    thanks for letting us see the quilts and for the wonderful thoughts..

  4. I think, with practice, I could do that flower-in-a-diamond quilting design. LOVE the pinwheel sampler idea! I looked in my big book of quilt designs I’ve torn out of magazines and I have about 10 pinwheel designs already. I was planning this in the back of my mind, apparently.

  5. Very nice. Love them both, but more impressed with the pinwheels. All moved in now maybe in another week or so I can get back to quilting. I hope! I miss it. Finished the military quilt and now I have to finish my granddaughters Sun Bonnet Sue for Christmas. I really love your work. I have about a dozen or so pinwheel patterns. Maybe? I’ll think on it. But really love your’s. Love the background fabric. I’m not one for stark white. I prefer something a little more soothing.

  6. I am loving the Jewel Box quilt. I love the colors. My only hesitation about doing larger quilts is the actual quilting. I really don’t have a set up to do it at home and I’m not sure where to send it to get it done (let alone the cost of doing it).

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