I Am Quilting, Too

With all the refashion work going on around here, you might well question if I do anything else.  Well, yes.


In the spirit of disclosure, here is my design “wall”…A bed in the laundry/sewing room.  Covered with a quilt.  Covered with projects.

Hmm…let’s count them.

1. Oh My Stars.  See the lovely stars in three sizes on the left?  Finished blocks.  Pending blocks.  Backing fabric.  All stacked up. Less than 20 blocks to go.

2. Bargello.  See all those fabrics on the right side?  They are a bargello quilt. Yet un-started.  And the backing above them.  Need to get cutting on it.  But, really must finish something first. To clear space on the bed.

3. Growing Up Odd. New postage stamp quilt. Can you find the three size of postage stamp blocks on the bottom center?  It is a little hard to sort them out of the Film at Five quilt on the bed.


Yep, that’s them.  The start of a new big quilt made of little squares.  FUN!


4. Summer Breeze wedding quilt.  I have the back.  Need to baste and quilt.

5. Memory quilt project.  Nearly finished cutting.  Sorting and assembly of 17 throw quilts coming soon.  Wow.  That is a lot of quilts.

So, there it is…everything I am currently more-or-less working on. I am not saying that is all of my unfinished projects, just the ones getting attention.

Have I mentioned lately that I really like quilting?  I REALLY like quilting.  Never boring.  Never bored.

10 thoughts on “I Am Quilting, Too

  1. Can I ever relate to your comment. It seems like I do far more reading about, collecting patterns and material than I ever do actual quilting. There is just so much good stuff on the Internet and talented people writing blogs. Thank you for your blog and ideas.

  2. hmmm…you have almost as many going as I do…I couldn’t begin to count mine without getting them out like you did but I don’t have room on my spare bed..i have backing fabric cut and sorted in there for the throws I am making so no room…but when they are done—well we will see…

    I love all the colors on your ‘bed of beginnings’..it will be fun to see them as they are finished up—and in some cases —started…can hardly wait to see the bargello…

  3. I’m just getting tired reading all about your wonderful projects!! LOL!! Plus you are in school?? Will you bottle some of that energy for the rest of us?? :-)) I love, love, love the postage stamps and are those batiks for your bargello??

  4. My design bed looks much like yours, fun isn’t it?! I look forward to seeing what Growing Up Odd looks like when it is finished.

  5. I have so many UFOs just waiting. Your comments help to inspire me to get in there and “get her done.” A postage quilt is next on the agenda. Love your quilts!

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