Super Show And Tell

I love to share ideas and patterns with you, and the best part is when you share back.  Lovely WeddingDressBlue readers have been busy stitching.

We start with a Super Stars variation by Lori, the Dakota City Quilter.  This quilt finishes at 96″ x 116″. Amazing!

Kathy did this happy Hundred Hugs quilt for a husband’s coworker.

And she had so much fun she decided to make another one.  I like the loopy quilting.

Bianca made a Film at Five for her friend, who liked it so much she is making one of her own.  I hope to see that in a future show and tell.


Want to make one of your own?  These quilts and more can be found in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Enjoy!  and share!

5 thoughts on “Super Show And Tell

  1. So neat! I love these posts showing the quilts others make with your patterns. I had hoped to get pictures from the Beehive get together, but not yet. So many were making Fading Charms. I guess I should send the two string twist variations I did, but I keep forgetting. =)

  2. I, too, love Show and Tell…the colors are always different and it gives some of them a whole new look…I really do have to get some of mine really do inspire me…just have to find a little more time in my days…

  3. These quilts look great. I am doing a very scrappy Film at Five using your pattern. I am paying it forward as it is a charitable donation for a local cause. Thanks again, I really need to use some scraps, guess I will be making this quilt many times.LOL

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