A Day Off Work = A Day ON Sewing

Friday was a rest day at school, a day off for no particular reason other than we probably needed it.  And, I did need it.  For sewing!

Three things I really wanted to do:

1. Baste and maybe even start quilting the Summer Breeze quilt. DONE! And more–I am stitching down binding. 


2. Cut on the memory quilt project.  DONE! Not that I am done cutting, but I am inching closer. 


3. Push hard on the Oh My Stars quilt.  I am getting so close. DONE! (Not that I am done with the blocks, but I am done for now.)


Wow!  I feel successful. And, there is still some weekend left.  Hmmm…what next? Housework…maybe…

7 thoughts on “A Day Off Work = A Day ON Sewing

  1. No, no housework! That can be done later, some other time, by minions. =) More quilting! I hope you had a great Saturday.

  2. I love the summer breeze quilt..the colors are so rich…you did great!!! getting all that done..all I’ve gotten done the last few weeks is hats and scarves for kids..sent out a big box to my grandson this past week and have another box to go…I hope to do a little bit of sewing this afternoon…keep up the good work…the housework will always be there—at least that is what I keep telling myself.!!!

  3. I was ok with everything until you said that bad word (HOUSEWORK). Yuck!!. Hey it can wait another day. Open the windows on a windy day and dusting will be done. Vacuum? who wants to do that. Just put another rug over it. Sorry got carried away. It’s hard to keep a house completely clean when your a quilter. Like I always say, my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. And that is all anyone can ask of any quilter.

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