Wedding Quilt FINISHED!

What a wonderfully productive weekend it has been.  It is a perfect fall day here in Utah.  It is sunny, but not hot.  The colors are lovely.  I just finished mowing the lawn while Husband and Daughter picked apples and started a batch of applesauce, one of Husband’s cooking specialties.


And, the last binding stitches on the Summer Breeze wedding quilt are done.  YAY!  That is such a satisfying feeling.


I acknowledged the wedding colors without being too matchy-matchy. The back is from Tula Pink.  It has all the colors in it, even the bright lime I had worried about.


My thanks to Kim Brackett for her wonderful books, much admired and used by scrap quilters, but pre-cut fans will find them perfect for jelly rolls.  This pattern is from Scrap Basket Sensations.


8 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt FINISHED!

  1. Sounds like a varied day. Don’t those apple peelers make a mess? Mine does! At first, in the little picture, I thought he was doing Sparkle Jane’s nails for her! LOL

  2. Beautiful quilt! One of the many patterns I have marked in Kim’s books to do someday. I have all her books and have done several of her patterns. Just finished the blocks for Christmas Ribbons. That was fun – I have way more Christmas fabric than any sensible person needs.

  3. Lovely quilt. Not overly busy, which is what I like. Nice colors. Pat C in Washington, There is no such thing as too much fabric of any kind. However if you do feel you have too much send some to me in Maine. I can never have enough Christmas fabric. I make quilts and wall hangings for Christmas and my daughter makes fancy gift bags for Christmas. Just joking. No really! Again as always great work girl. On another note got my apple sauce was done a few weeks ago. Don’t need to do tomatoes or beets this year. Do that every other year. And all the other stuff was either canned, dried, or frozen. It was a busy season with moving and all. Things are starting to settle down now. Well ladies keep on quilting.

  4. I love reading all the notes you ladies post. The quilt is lovely. I prefer the repeat patterns with sashing and white space. Our autumn in the Sierra Foothills ended yesterday, which means, D you will get it soon. Our first ‘slush’ of the season last night with the early risers having to scoop it off. Rainy day, nice, screams sewing machine to me!!

  5. beautiful!!!! I love it and know the happy couple will too…

    I use sooo much applesauce–unsweetened…in any recipe I replace any oils or fat with unsweetened cannot tell the difference in the flavor or texture but it sure cuts down on the fat calories..well a friend did say it is hard to deep fry wings in

    fall is here in the state of Michigan…leaves are gorgeous and the nights are cold but I love this time of the snow here in the thumb yet but we have had hail and sleet…snow will be coming soon…

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