Slow Assembly

The Oh My Stars quilt took many months to build, and is taking quite a while to assemble.  No chain piecing here.


But, slowly, blocks are becoming sections and, within a week, I hope to have a completed top.


In the meantime, I have cut and started the first step of the bargello quilt.


Here is one-ninth of stage one. It is another large project that will take “a while.”

After this it might be time for another All Small Week, five to seven days of one-day projects.  In the meantime, I keep moving forward, one seam at a time. Slow going, but worth it.

9 thoughts on “Slow Assembly

  1. You can do it. I’ve been thinking about a Bargello for a long time. But after doing a Cathedral quilt I’m not so sure I want to do one now. I have the top of my Grand-daughter’s Sun Bonnet Sue quilt done. Now to put it together. Don’t have any energy right now.
    Chasing Dr.’s again. Hubby now has a heart condition. Boy I tell you it never stop’s. Going to see my Dr. Thursday for my stress fracture’s. Hope he can do something. It’s been almost a month.
    I love the star quilt. Love the colors. So vibrant! My trouble is I want to do every quilt that I see. At my age, I don’t think that’s going to happen. LOL!

  2. Slow stitching is good. Today, I was thinking that finishing one thing really well is better than finishing a lot of things almost well. “The Last Inch,” was a talk in sacrament today, and got me started thinking about these things. =)

  3. I’ve started assembling a quilt today. 21 big stars, 68 small stars. I have it laid out in the living room and am sewing it together block by block. I don’t want to get anything mixed up.

  4. it’s going to be beautiful!!! I have always wanted to try a bargello wall hanging—would not have the patience to do a whole quilt I don’t think but have so many things going maybe that will be my #1 project in 2015!!!! yes that’s supposed to be a 5 on the end…keep on inspiring us…..some of us will be able to keep up with you!!!!!

  5. Oh My Stars is looking fantastic! I really do love the visual interest added by the three different star sizes. I think quick projects can be a lot of fun, but nothing matches the pride of finishing a really long project. I can’t wait to see your finished top!

    I’m excited to hear you are doing a bargello. I just learned how to say that word a couple weeks ago, but bargellos were the first kind of quilt that caught my eye as a little girl. I really need to make one someday.

  6. “OH My Stars!!!” is certainly looking radiant. I still want to make it. I started a new quilt on Saturday and thought I’d make it in 4patch/4patch units instead of laying it all out. It is doing my head in, for 2 days now I have swapped blocks around and around and cannot get it so the balance of fabrics are spread even around the quilt. So tomorrow I am just going to sew it up as is and be done. My quick process turned into a marathon and I refuse to unpick anything.
    My one a week next year will not happen if I keep this up. Yes, one a week seemed easy enough until I saw it printed in words. Now I am thinking “what the?”. But it still my aim. Too much fabric still laying about my sewing room waiting to be used.

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