Celebration Time…

Come on!  It might not look like much to you, but it means a lot to me.


Those three piles are all the pieces for the memory quilts, all 17 of them, that I have promised Jennifer.  Over 1600 pieces later, I am done turning clothing in to quilt squares.

While I am done with cutting, it means I am ready to move to the next step…you know how it is with quilting.  Done finding fabric.  Done cutting.  Done sorting.  Done making blocks.  Done assembling the top.  Done adding the borders.  Done making the back.  Done prepping the binding.  Done basting.  Done quilting.  Done attaching the binding.  Done stitching it down.  Done adding the label.  And, then, it is FINALLY, Done-Done.

I am a long ways from Done-Done, but I am closer.  And, that is worth celebrating.

9 thoughts on “Celebration Time…

  1. WOW! I made a t-shirt quilt for each of my children when they graduated high school. I know how much work went into those piles! This summer we met on Tuesdays and I helped women of all ages make their own t-shirt quilts. It was so much fun! I told them I would not make their t-shirt quilts but I would show them how. It was interested how many different interpretations there were. We had a Harley-Davidson, a pink sorority, high school band, and one of summer musicals and many others. Enjoy sewing all those pieces! ,

  2. Done is good! Done-done is always better. I too have been cutting scraps most of the day, 2014 getting closer.
    My next year hope is starting to scare me. I am beginning to think that 1 a week may be a little out of reach. But I will keep on plugging away.

  3. what a project you have before you…I will be glad to know when you are done done!! wish I was close and could have helped you with the cutting–my favorite part of the process…can hardly wait to see the steps as you go..

  4. OMG!! I wish I lived near you. I’d love to help. Just getting my finger’s into fabric is a joy to me. Your killing me girl with all you do. I haven’t been able to set up my room yet. 3 month’s and holding. Bird’s have been moved and now the big clean out. Then watch me get to work. Can’t wait to get started. If we don’t hear from you between now and Christmas, You and your’s have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! And to all who come on her blog, the same Merry Christmas to you all. Snowed in Kathy in Maine.

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