Next Step

The three piles of fabric squares have been turned into 17 piles of squares.


The fabric colors and prints have been distributed as evenly as possible.  Now it is all about layout and piecing.  Don’t expect much news on this project for  a while.  Seventeen quilt tops, even simple ones, will take quite a bit of sewing.

9 thoughts on “Next Step

  1. I really look forward to seeing the finished results. Memory quilts like this can be so meaningful to the recipients, and it’s a true labor of love to make them You often have limited stuff to work with and have to be creative, and/or willing to make something which doesn’t end up looking as good or exciting as what you usually make. Yet, the finished project often is so much more valuable to the recipient than the most beautiful quilt you’ve ever made.

  2. it looks like quite a chore but it looks like it is cut in such a way that you can sew one as a leader/ender…good luck on it..i have 3 quilts to cut and make over the holidays and into the first of the year–one for my daughter, oldest grandson and granddaughter…I am going to use my oldest grandson’s as a leader/ender of the other two..his will be a Christmas trip around the world…good luck on yours…

  3. Wow girl you sure do take on a lot. Can’t wait to see the end results. I am finally sending my grand daughter’s quilt to her this week. It came out beautiful. A friend from our guild machine quilted it for me as I am having great difficulty with my hands. She did tiny butterflies meandering around the whole quilt. It is spectacular. I am so greatful for such good friends in our guild. As the others ladies have said, good luck and I can’t wait to see the end results.

  4. Can’t wait to see the progress. 17 memory quilts, did you just get this number from the amount of fabric you salvaged or is that how many family members there are? That certainly is a whole years work worth of quilts.

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