9 thoughts on “Something New

  1. not at this time..had a great granddaughter on nov. 8 and no more on the way that I know of..but I will be glad to see the tutorial as I know there will be others in the future…always glad to get a new pattern…I like the colors and the backing you have chosen..were there any hippos on that backing fabric?? my grand daughter did my great granddaughter’s room in hippos…hard to find..

  2. Just finished a queen Sun Bonnet Sue. Sent it out to Ct. yesterday. Taking a break until first of year. Then it’s gung ho for the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Center in Lewiston, Maine. The people who go there for chemo get cold. So I’m in hopes to make a lot for them. Watched a video from a woman in England. Strip Quilting. All it takes is 1 jelly roll and you get 2 lap quilts out of it. Keep up all the good work. Wish I had some of your energy.LOL

  3. What is that baby fabric? Designer and manufacturer? I collect zebra fabrics and have never seen that one – must find it!

  4. No thanks, not in the mood for having babies or for making baby quilts right this minute. LOL But I’m in the mood for seeing what you make!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog- and I’d LOVE to have you share my 2 film at five quilts. I wanted to do that, but my computer does not like to share pictures by e-mail. I have TONS of those squares left (I used 3″ unfinished) and I’m thinking a “hundred hugs” is in my future. it would make a good dolly quilt…. i’ll put both quilts on my blog, and you can grab the pictures of both Anna’s and Betsy’s. it’s amazing how different they look! thanks
    for a great tutorial, and thanks for sharing my quilts!!!

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