Wrapping It Up For 2013

We went to visit my parents for several days between Christmas and New Years so I am a little late with my end of the year accounting.

As she has for the past few years, Shelly, that slave-driver really encouraging person at Prairie Moon Quilts, has again hosted her Final Countdown.

Task 1: Pick a project and work on it

Well, all the world knows I have projects.   But there was one really close and not needing much time.  I had carried a little cross stitch in my purse for months and finally finished all 2 inches of it.


The idea was to make a pincushion, which I did–sort of modified log cabin style.  Anyway, it is cute, and FINISHED!

Task 2: Organize Something

I attacked my “fabric in the shape of” box.


It contains potential refashions, “donated” bags of sewing notions, fabric that needed putting away….you get the idea.


About 1 grocery bag of items were reorganized to other parts of the sewing room.  Two bags of items are going away–they just don’t charm me and would be better enjoyed by someone else.  The rest I have ideas for and am ready to work on. No guilt.

Task 3: Make A List

Ah, I love lists.  This one is a pleasure. I present….

2014 Top Twelve-ish List

1. Academy Square

2. Joe’s quilt

3. Memory quilts–all 17 of them

4. Starring Baby

5. Growing Up Odd

6. Oh My Stars (only needs borders…)

7. BOM scraps into a lap quilt

8. YCC Quilt

9. Mixed Blessings

10.  Other baby star quilt (needs a better name)

11. Storm at Sea

12. Bill’s quilt

I also have two skills I want to learn (thus, the twelve-ish) along the way:  a good ladder stitch, that invisible stitch when closing edges, and cutting bias binding, because mine turns out a mess.

That should be enough to keep me busy!

Also, as part of the wrap up, here is my final 350 Block Project: 2013  report.  Thanks to Shelly, this year I kept track of my sewing.  It is surprising to me that even with much reduced sewing time, an additional 45 blocks were created in December.  That makes 500 for the year.  Ta-dah!  Much more than I hoped for.

January: 28
February: 26
March: 35
April: 44
May: 17
June: 57
July: 66
August: 24
September: 54
October: 55
November: 49
December: 45
TOTAL: 500

So, that’s it.  Another year gone and a new year ahead.  Time to get stitching!

9 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up For 2013

  1. Great job! You are an encouragement to those of us in your ‘net family. So I better get on it because I don’t have a list and maybe I should start with making one! Jan

  2. Your year has been great. Keeping track of sewing is a good idea. Each time I finish at the sewing machine I make a note of what I had sewed and the date. It is fun to look back to see what I accomplished. Even though I sew daily, I find I don’t remember what I have just worked on. So a log is a great to view when someone asks “what have you been working on?”

  3. So cool! We tie! I started this because you mentioned it, so it’s all your fault! =) I love your 3 steps. My life is a dyson thingee right now, so I didn’t do it this year.

  4. What a great way to use a cross stitch piece! I’ll have to remember that one. I was wondering if you’d get a chance to do the challenge again; you did great! I’m in awe on your year’s block count. I’m really thinking of trying that this year, though not sure I’d even get to 100.

  5. I gave up on lists a couple of years ago when I found out I had too many people wanting me to do something now instead of waiting til I had something else finished…but that is life..

    you did great on the 500 blocks..i can say I made 500 things—but they were mostly crocheted and knitted…a lot of sewing in there too but mostly things done with yarn…

    I love the little pincushion..too pretty for that ..I’d make a wall hanging but that is me..

    next week when we have sub zero weather is when I am organizing my sewing room…I try to do that once a year and it really does help —for about 3 months then things get all discombobulated again!!!

    Happy New Year everybody!!!! keep up the good work Deanna..you tire me out every time I read your blog!!!! great work…

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