Show And Tell Time

Ah, that happy time again when we get to rejoice over the lovely work you lovely people are making with WeddingDressBlue tutorials.

First up today is Susan, with her String Twist variations.


Not just one, but two!


Carolyn made a Hundred Hugs quilt.  Very Pretty quilting!

Linda made a Film at Five with black sashing.

2013-11-03 16.09.31 2013-11-03 09.14.07Debbie made a Film at Five, too, using 2″ squares.  Hers has light sashing  and coordinated navy and green “cornerstones” throughout.  Really makes those blocks shine!


And Jennifer has made three Film at Five quilts–so far!  The first is a variation sized to 16-patches in the centers.  When that threw off the math, she improvised and came up with this setting option.  I like it!


And, then she made two more.  Here’s her explanation:

A’s quilt has yellow, green, pink and orange squares. B’s quilt has yellow, green, blue and purple squares. both quilts have the exact. same. yellow and green fabric, but it’s amazing how different they look. now we know what they mean when they say pinks and oranges are “warm” and purple and blues are “cool”!
Great job, Jennifer!  I can’t wait to see more…
You can find these patterns and more in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Keep those pictures coming.  They are very inspiring.

6 thoughts on “Show And Tell Time

  1. they are all beautiful…I started the string quilt—meaning I got the fabric and ‘strings’ together— when you put up the tutorial but as always happens something else came along that I had to do…so that one is waiting…and I have made a film at 5 with brown sashing but have no pictures..will have to take them one of these days…I like the black sashing so will have to try one of those one of these days..i love when you have show and tell…

  2. What a nice line up today! Thanks for sharing mine. I really am amazed at the differences in all the Film at Five quilts! Carolyn’s hundred hugs is as cute as it can be.

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