Another Baby

I used to worry about running out of ideas, but that troubles me less and less as I design more and more.  Strange, isn’t it?

But, one idea leads to another and, so far at least, there doesn’t seem to be an end. Lucky me, I don’t have to give up or get over quilting yet.


Here is the start of another baby quilt using (no surprise here) small squares, a little background and a lot of color.

I hope to have a finished top (and tutorial) to share in a week or two.  Still looking for a name–suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Another Baby

  1. I thought of Star Bright too before I even looked at the comments but also think Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was appropriate for a baby ideas are wayyyy ahead of the time I have to make them….so will just keep plodding along and try to get some of them done..can hardly wait to see what this one looks favorite pattern after halfsquare triangles is flying geese….

  2. Stars Aligned? no wait, that seems to be what I’m waiting for. I still haven’t started the other baby quilt yet.
    Sonja has been up from Brisbane (dropped off Miss G for the week) and took back 4 baby quilts from my pile. 2 girl and 2 boy ones for her friend to choose from when her baby is born. School holidays here, they go back on the 28th, and I’ve had 4 granddaughters this past week. Lots of fun had by all. 3 this coming week and then back to normal, only 2 for 2 days.
    I am on schedule with my quilts also. Three made and 2 quilted. Hoping for the 4th this week and the quilting also. Long weekend this coming weekend and I’ll have the baby all weekend so I won’t get to the sewing room.

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