Twinkle Apology

To all of you who received an e-mail saying there was a new tutorial, I apologise.  Sometimes a person gets to thinking about too many things and then presses “Publish” instead of “Save Draft.”  The tutorial is coming.  It really is.  But, in the meantime here is the quilt that caused it all.


When I asked for name suggestions based on a single star, I just knew you would all come up with something perfect:  Twinkle!

Special thanks to Susan, who first suggested it.  YAY SUSAN!

I love the twinkle because the stars really have that look since they are scrappy.

Thanks for the help!

Watch for a tutorial coming soon. For reals, this time. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Twinkle Apology

  1. And all those colors do seem to twinkle! This would be good as a larger quilt, too. So many good ideas (from this blog most of the time!) and so little time here lately!

  2. What a great idea for the setting of the stars. It would be a great stash- busting project. Looking forward to the tutorial, when you get the chance!

  3. oh and I just about have used up my 2.5″ squares…maybe it will be 2″ which I have lots of…but I love it!!!! the stars do twinkle…would make a great lap robe…gotta make it when we get the tutorial..

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