A Little Something

Friday night, Valentine’s Day, I did not feel like going out.  Husband wanted to see a movie.  I asked if I could stay home and have quiet time and we could move our date to Saturday.  He took my offer and he and Young Son went to see Robocop.  (Does  my desire to stay home make more sense?)

I hadn’t really planned on sewing, but wandered down and started to work on a little something.  These heart squares (2-1/2″) were part of my Christmas shoebox present  and had been asking me to make them into something for a while.


Gathering up coordinating fabric was easy.  Just raid the stash!


Here is what it all turned in to.  It measures 15″x19″ finished.


It is all set up and waiting for a home movie night, or something similar, so I can hand quilt around each of those little hearts and make it into a quilt. What will I do with it?  I have no idea.  But it sure is cute!

This isn’t my usual style or color scheme, but branching out is good for us all and having those little squares was just the challenge I needed.  Thanks, Daisy!

8 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. I ventured out of my comfort zone and discovered that I really LOVE bright colors, in addition to the mid-range tones and pastels I am normally drawn to. Expanding our horizons is a good thing!

  2. Ha, I’m seeing Robocop tomorrow with Son #1! LOL That’s a great project for Valentines, and it will be cute hanging in a little corner somewhere.

  3. so cute and will be great hand quilted..i have the same fabric and hand quilted it…my husband cut me a dowel rode for the top and I hung it..funny that you showed this because I just came across mine the other day cleaning my sewing room..i’ll have to hang it again…a fun project…—I also made a pillow top out of some of it so there is a thought for you…

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