Bye-Bye Bargello

The bargello is finished.


I love the quilting that really brings out the wave pattern in the quilt.


And, surprise, a second quilt of sorts on the back.  The owner of the quilt really loved the paw print and lodge fabrics, but they wouldn’t work on the front.  So I made really big blocks.  When the quilter pulled it out of the bag (Husband had dropped it off for me) she said, “I thought there was a mistake and I had two tops, but then I thought, ‘No, that doesn’t look like a Deanna top.  The pieces are too large’.” She has quilted a few for me a does a great job.  Thanks, Tara!


The bear is a childhood favorite of the owner that  needed a few repairs and got a new hat in the process.  I couldn’t send him home underdressed!


They are all packed together and in the mail to their home.  The box should arrived in a few days. Sure hope he likes it!

Just a few notes:   There are 15 colors in the top and I used 2/3-yard of each.  The basic pieces are 2-1/2″ high and vary from 1-1/4″ wide to 4″ wide, unfinished cut. There are, I believe, 2880 pieces on the top and 72 on the back. Finished size of the quilt 91″ x 108″.  The second largest quilt I have made.

10 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Bargello

  1. you did an absolutely beautiful job on the top—and the back…very unusual combination but I know it will be loved..and the bear is darling…love his hat…I just don’t think I’d have the patience to make a bargello top…

  2. Wonderful! That reminds me that I have a bargello to put on my UFO list. It’s scary, I’m inventorying my UFO’s to put them away where they aren’t crowding me and just the “surface” area of the sewing room has nearly filled a sheet of paper! And that doesn’t even start the “wanna do” list! lol

  3. Love the little bear, and the first picture of him really gives me a close-up of the quilting waves. What a lovely present to open up. Even your packing is artistic! =)

  4. I love that you took the time to add the matching hat for the bear. I’m sure it will be a wonderful surprise to open up the package and see a “second quilt” as the backing. The wave quilting is perfect with the bargello.

  5. The bear looks so cute tucked up in his bed ready for his journey home. You did a great job on the quilt and the quilting is beautiful. Bargello has never been on my to do list. I think it is the movement in them that makes me feel a little motion sickness. I also can’t stand too close to a lift also or I get the same feeling of queasiness. Bear and his owner will love the quilt. Again, you did a great job.

  6. Love the thought of doing a Bargello. I have a pattern that I so want to do. But right now I am doing (finally) the star quilt you gave a tutorial on. Just have 6 more blocks to do and then have the courage to put it together. I will take a picture of it and send you one when it is finished. I like the colors you chose. Nice and vibrant on one side and calm and cool on the back. Keep up the good work.

  7. This is so beautiful. For some reason I like best the quilts with just squares and not fancy designs, so I really like this very much.

    I love how you packed it and the bear 🙂

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