Good Thing I’m Not On A Diet

…A fabric diet that is!


When I got home from ballet (with Sparkle Jane) Monday night there was a large box on the counter.  “Something came for you,” said Husband.

“Oh, it’s fabric!”

“I figured that,” he replied.


Now, that was not strictly fair.  First, I almost never buy fabric.  I, for  years now, mostly sew with scraps.  Even other people’s scraps.  I only buy backgrounds and backings and not too many of those.  Second, I didn’t say I WOULDN’T buy fabric.  Third, this was a Very.  Good. Deal.

Last year I was the most fortunate winner of the 350 Block Challenge prize:  A gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.  Wow!  What luck.  A person could get lost there, but I finally decided on (what else?) a grab bag.


Using the gift certificate and a discount coupon, I was able to get this lovely stack of beauties.  Much of the fabric is solids and small prints or basics that I was thrilled to see.  And just enough novelties to make it fun.  Those hippos are darling.  I hear something for grandbabies calling to me!


Thanks to Shelly, the sponsor of the 350 Block Challenge, and the fine folks at the Fat Quarter Shop.  Ah, the delight of stash enhancement!  I am certain there are at least 25 yards here.  No guilt.   Good thing I wasn’t on a diet!

14 responses to “Good Thing I’m Not On A Diet

  1. How fun ! A surprise with every piece; and NO GUILT….love those kind of boxes!! :)

  2. Congratulation, look like you made a good choice with your grab bag selection. Always nice to have some new fabric to add to the stash.

  3. Looks like some beautiful fabric. I’m like you I like scrappy and use what everyone else is done with. I buy backing and solids. can’t go wrong with it.

  4. what a great box!!!! I looked in all the local places for hippo grand daughter was expecting her first child–they didn’t know what it would be nor did they want to—but they called the baby-to-be ‘hippo’—seems my gr’daughter put on a lot of weight around the hips—so they decided to do the nursery in hippos…could find very little of it…I will have to see about getting some of is really cute..and the rest—I love small prints and tone on tones…you will have so much fun with that box!!!!! congratulations!!!!

  5. Wow, what a fun box to get and great way to spend the GC. Congrats!

  6. Fantastic! What fun that’s going to be:)

  7. Oh, if it’s free or a gift, it doesn’t count. LOL What a wonderful box of fabric goodness. That will keep you going a long time, longer than most people might imagine. I’m grateful that scraps multiply in the dark, but I’m seriously going to have to do a small scrappy quilt in the near future – maybe two to whittle down the collection of small scraps made from big scraps! I hope that box made your day much brighter – and how could it not?

  8. What fun! Enjoy every scrap and sew, sew, sew!

  9. don’t blame you at all!

  10. Nothing better than a surprise. Oh wait, yes there is, a FABRIC surprise would be the ultimate. Looks like you’ve got some sewing to do……

  11. What fun!! Have only heard good things about the grab bags at FQS.

  12. Yeah you. Your going to have a lot of fun with these.

  13. That’s a happy day box! Can’t wait to see what you make of it!!

  14. Wow! Happy sewing!

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