16 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo

  1. Love the new block. My favorite is anything with a 4, 9 or 16 patch. Adding the star points gives it even more appeal. I too love the fat quarter shop scrap boxes. Enjoy.

  2. The fact that the quilt is square would not stop me from making it. Some patterns just call for it. One could always add a border changing the size. So – no – not a problem.

  3. Me too. By the way. I finished the quilt and gave it to the church for their auction last Friday. They got $150.00 for my quilt. Wow. I am so happy. The auction was for a 12 day missions team trip to Costa Rica in June. They raised over $6,000 dollars Friday. I machine quilted it. That is the first time, and LAST time I do that. Whew what a job. Took me 3 days. Will send it out from now on. Will send you a picture of it.

  4. Looks great! I need to make a bunch of HST as leader enders and make something like this with that shoebox of squares!

  5. love it!!! and I have charm pieces already cut and squares too…so now I will wait for the tutorial!!! good job..

  6. I made a quilt many years ago with a similar block – nine patch instead of 16 patch centers and star points were HST proportionate to the center squares. I’m pretty sure that block, or at least the quilt which resulted, was called “farmer’s daughter.” Does that sound familiar?

  7. Thanks for the peek. Another tute to look forward to.
    I’ve just finished making Twinkle Baby Quilt and Starring Baby Quilt all in pink. DH loves to share my love of making quilts and bless is big generous heart (tongue in cheek here), he told one of the nurses during his recent stay in hospital that I would make her a baby quilt. She is getting a granddaughter after 4 grandsons and wants pink and more pink and as much pink as possible. I will try to get a few hours away from the invalid to quilt them as he goes back to hospital Thursday to have his staples removed and another physio appointment and I want to give them to her then. Here’s hoping I get them finished.


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