Missing Hugs


OH! It. Worked.  I am back online.  What a fright!  A good reminder to make extra copies of things.  WordPress is so easy to use.  I have never had a problem like this before and don’t believe it is something on their end.  I might just not know much about the care and feeding of blogs. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your electronic copy with me!

I am asking for help:  Somehow the tutorial pictures for Hundred Hugs Baby Quilt have vanished.  Or at least most of them.  If you go to the post you will see a bunch of “unavailable” notices where there used to be pictures.  I do not know for sure what has happened. Very sad!


Do any of you have an electronic copy that might contain the pictures?  A printed copy will not help, unfortunately.

I would be most grateful!

6 thoughts on “Missing Hugs

  1. I just went to fav quilts and typed in a hundred hugs baby quilt, and it linked me to your original tutorial with pictures.

  2. I have a PDF copy if you need it, but it seems like your tutorial is right where it belongs. I really sympathize when stuff like that happens. It’s frightening and frustrating. Either way, let me know….

  3. I, too, have a PDF of this pattern, but I went to the link and all the pictures are there. Maybe it was just a “cyber hiccup”. 😦 Let me know if you need the PDF.

  4. I just checked too and they are there…I had checked before I went to FaveQuilts to get it…so I think the problem is solved..i hope..it is a darling quilt..

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