That Is Odd

Well, here is a quick look at my latest postage stamp quilt called Growing Up Odd.


There are a lot of odd numbers “hidden” in the quilt. Can you spot 1,3,5,7,9? What about 11? What about 25?

Tutorial coming soon.

Get those 2″ squares ready. This one takes almost 2,500 of them. Now that is a scrap-using success!

9 thoughts on “That Is Odd

  1. I have been working on 2 of your Film at Five quilts so my 2.5 squares are almost depleted. Your new quilt looks tempting so I’ll have to start cutting my scraps into 2 inch squares.

  2. Love “the odd”. Clever use of those squares! I love puzzles and creating puzzles. My needle is off to you (like my hat is off to you. Haha). Thank you for sharing your tops quilts. They are inspiring.

  3. i have hundreds cut so would be a good way to use them..can hardly wait for the tutorial…i keep plugging along with all the quilts i have started trying to get them finished but once in awhile something comes along i want to do more—which is why i have about 15 started quilts to finish…this one sounds fascinating…

  4. Love it!!! Is the pi quilt next??? 😉
    Film at Five is on my table to start as a leader/ender project next!!! But my 2″ bin is completely overflowing… this would be GREAT!!!

  5. Can’t wait. I love your tutorials.Even if I don’t make them, I can dream. Right?
    Blessings to you for sharing your kn


  6. I’m always looking for postage stamp patterns. This one looks fun! I will need to start cutting 2 inch squares as I don’t have near enough in my bin. My Batik Film at Five is finished, Now for the weather to cooperate so I can take photos. Thanks for sharing your tutorials, I want to make so many of them!

  7. LOL, I better get busy cutting! I have collected a lot of scraps lately, but you know they are going to be 2.5″. The 2″ scraps all come to SJ! Looks great and I can hardly wait to see it!

  8. I for one, can’t wait. I’ve made one quilt using only 2″ squares, a long time ago. I used 3240 squares in that quilt, no sashing or borders. I’ve been feeling as though I’m about ready to tackle another one, and yours is beautiful!

  9. It is a beautiful quilt. I will have to it in 1 1/2inch squares. I have a ton of 30’s prints in that size. That quilt looks perfect to use some up. I know it will be smaller..but some fabric will be used up..

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