Spring Dress

Sewing for Daughter is fun, but sewing for GRAND-daughter is really, really fun!


In the big pile of junk was some trim.


And that led to a sketch.


And that made a dress!


With a flower.


All that was purchased was one of the four shades of ribbon on the skirt. 52-cents. Happy Spring!



14 responses to “Spring Dress

  1. The dress is adorable. I love how you made the flower from the trim.

  2. beautiful!!!! I have a new great granddaughter—soon to be 5 months old—and I am going to have to give this dress a try this summer before they come to visit…so sweet..you are so clever when it comes to using what you have to make these wonderful clothes..

  3. The dress is lovely. So much nicer than the ones for sale at the department stores.

  4. It’s adorable! I wish I had your talent for making something so beautiful with materials on hand.

  5. Phyllis in Minnesota

    Beautiful – an heirloom!

  6. Wonderful. I love to sew from my stash, it’s most rewarding.

  7. That is completely adorable! What a bargain, too! A lucky grand daughter has a new Easter dress. =)

  8. This little dress is so beautiful! What a treasure!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Lucky little girl to be given such an adorable new dress.
    I just love the trim.
    I envy you doing that. My granddaughters mothers don’t like to iron, so I never get to make anything that needs ironing.

  10. What an adorable dress! Your talent is never ending and always so pretty.

  11. So cute! What a pretty treat to find in your pile of junk.

  12. Deanna, this dress is sooooooooo cute!! Do we get a picture of your granddaughter in it soon?? ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Such a cute dress. You are talented girl. Grand daughters are a lot of fun.

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