A Crochet Scarf

Sometimes I like to try a little crochet, just to break things up.  Plus, my quilting isn’t particularly portable.  So, with scarfs being all the rage and me having a bag of needlepoint yarn, I decided to try my hand at a scarf.

I could sort of see it in my mind as I started…


Just a batch of flowers in all different colors.

I used THIS tutorial for the flowers and just joined them up as I went along.

The scarf is planned as a gift for a very fashionable collegue who is leaving the school this spring.  I hope she likes it!

6 thoughts on “A Crochet Scarf

  1. I love it too…I know my daughter would love having one…then I’d probably have to make one for my grand daughter.. and it would just go on and on…thank you for sending the place to find the pattern…

  2. Thanks for this idea. I volunteer at our church’s thrift shop and there was a very large bag of needlepoint yarn there for $2. I resisted the urge to get it but I’m on my way back tomorrow because now I have a new project!!!

  3. She will love it, I know I would. I have seen similar crochet scarves on the internet but thought them too difficult, your is beautiful and one of a kind.

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