Another Step

In my previous post,  I challenged my dear readers to guess what I was making.


Susan, who must know me well, guessed it was a costume.

Well done, Susan.  It is indeed a costume.  Among Young Son’s many interests is being a dance partner at the ballet studio.  He is, at 6’7″, not a traditional dancer, but size has its value.

This year he needs a cape, pants and mask for his costume.  That is the inside of the cape.

Here is the mask.


I hope to have the entire ensemble together for your viewing pleasure by the end of the week.

Creating is fun!


8 thoughts on “Another Step

  1. Clever indeed. I was never good at guessing games. I can’t wait to see the whole ensemble. The mask is a beauty.

  2. This looks like such fun! How neat that they use his advantages to their advantage. Has he reached full growth, do you think? I thought Regan was tall at 6’2″ – of course, at 5’3″, everyone over eight years old is tall to me! =)

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