Just Curious

Over the past few days WeddingDressBlue has had a big increase in traffic and several new followers. (Thank you. There are nearly 1,000 of you now. WOW!)

Much of this traffic seems to come from Facebook, but I don’t know exactly how. Does anyone know if WeddingDressBlue was recently featured some interesting place? Just curious.

16 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. I did not find you on Facebook. I do not Facebook, never. I found you through another when I was looking at patterns and find you very interesting. Betty

  2. Someone on the Quiltville’s Open Studio facebook group showed their growing up odd quilt and sited your tutorial.

  3. Your Growing up Odd scrap quilt pattern was linked on one of 2 “Bonnie Hunter” FB groups I’m in. My guess is that’s where the new folks came from.

  4. A quilter at a retreat was making one of your quilts and shared your website. I am in the process of cutting squares to make the same quilt. Thank you.

  5. Oh I think I know! On Facebook, from Quiltville’s Open Studio someone posted a photo and wanted to give credit because she wanted to make a quilt like it but asked who made it!

  6. I belong to the group: ‘Just us Quilters’.
    I think someone showed a photo of a quilt made using one of your patterns.

  7. like Kathy says you are loved–enjoy it!!! I am not on facebook but do get FaveQuilts newsletter and they feature many of your quilts…I hope you hit your 1000 very soon!!!!

  8. Ditto to those who said Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville Facebook group. I saw a photo of your quilt on the page with a question asking for a link to the pattern. I was going to comment with your blog address, but several other folks beat me to it.

  9. You were featured on Fave Quilts Piecing It Together. Love your website. Blessings for continued success!!!

  10. Someone mentioned you on the Delphi Forums Quilting Bee forum–that’s where I got your blog info from. I’ve already made a version of your star quilt that is at the header of this page (bigger–using 30 blocks instead of 12). Very nice quilt–excellent stash buster.

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