Bias Binding

One of my neighbors asked me to finish a quilt her sister painstakingly quilted for her over the course of 20 years.  Not that the quilting is detailed, but life interrupted many times, as life has a way of doing–illness, moves, illness, and, finally, gout in her hands.  The final section was done one stitch at a time using needlenose pliers. So much love!


Binding was required, and a quick trip to my local quilt shop located a good match.  You might think colors are impossible to match when they are strong and dated, but, don’t dispair.  It might take something a little non-conventional, but there are possibilities.

One of my stated goals for the year was to learn to properly do bias binding and this was my chance.  After looking at several options, I decided to go with THIS tutorial.


 I made an error and the binding turned out more narrow than I intended, but it got the job done.  The quilt was delivered this morning–on the owner’s birthday.  Perfect!

ps–In case the link doesn’t work, here is the URL:

6 thoughts on “Bias Binding

  1. Love the colors. My favorite is blue. Love all things blue.Nice tutorial. Easy peasy. Thanks for sharing a beautiful quilt. Oh by the way, is this what they call a cheater quilt? If so that’s what I am doing now. Love doing it. Nice results. Lots of pinning though. I have a couple more to do. Fabric was given to me. Like the ease of doing them. No Machine. All by hand at night watching TV with hubby snoring in his recliner next to me. Will send pics when I am done.
    I am refurbishing a 1930’s quilt given to my daughter to do. She was afraid to touch it. So she gave it to me the other day and said MOM? PLEASE!! LOL!!! I have done a few in my time, so I said yes. It is quite a project to say the least. I took it all apart, and am replacing as much ruined fabric with my stash of dated fabric as I can. I do have some OLD fabric that does match and some grain bags that will work also. I usually get a fair price for my refurbishing work. But seeing as this is a pretty special friend to my daughter, and her hubby is in Iraq. I am doing it for nothing. By the way nice to have you back. Missed you lots..

  2. Years ago, I bought a red laminated card with those instructions. When I do bias binding, I still refer to it. Her tutorial was SO excellent with the photos. What a wonderful thing you did, and such perfect timing.

  3. I love the quilt..i have made several cheater quilts and wall hangings..i too hand quilted them and they turned out so nice…but I have never been able to master the art of bias binding…my binding turns out pretty good but one of these days I am going to try this tutorial and see if I can do it..I’ve always thought the quilts I’ve seen at shows with the bias binding looked so neat…thanks for giving us that link…and I know your neighbor will enjoy the quilt for years to come..

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