All Small Week Three

Previously, I have had two editions of All Small Week. It is a week (well, five days,  really) of posts featuring a different “small” project each day .

How would you feel about another All Small Week?

Each is based on tutorials found around the web–just projects I have seen and am interested in.  Don’t we all have lists t of ideas that we meant to try out?

If you want to see previously featured projects, just use the search function in the sidebar to check out “All Small Week.”  There are 10 projects there you might enjoy while you wait for new ones.

This round will start on Monday and run next week.  Maybe with a little giveaway at the end.  Sew….are you in?

17 thoughts on “All Small Week Three

  1. I are in!!!!!! been waiting for this since you mentioned it awhile back!!!!made one small project for one of my swaps today…didn’t turn out too bad…looking forward to the new ones from you…

  2. I love those weeks, but will probably watch from the sidelines. This week is one of those no-time-for-me weeks, and I just hope to live through it. LOL

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