All Small Three: Day Two

Small Scraps.  Small Time.  Small product.  Big impact!

Welcome to All Small Three:  Day Two.


This corner bookmark tutorial by Simple Simon and Co.  looked fun.  As a book lover and teacher I know it is nearly impossible to have too many bookmarks.

Once the system was figured out, each one took me only about 10 minutes.  Before I knew what I was about, I had three finished and the fabric picked out for several more.


I did substitute a lightweight interfacing for the batting to make a thinner bookmark, but batting might be just the thing for you.  A scrap of heavy weight fabric could work, too.  You just need something to give it body.

Ok, now go try one of your own.  All you need is three 4″ squares and some interfacing. And, in a few minutes, you will feel totally justified in sitting down and having a quick read.  You’ll be marking your place with style!

ps–If you make one and would like to share, please do!  I am interested in hearing how this tutorial works for you. ddt


10 thoughts on “All Small Three: Day Two

  1. great idea. think I’ll make about a No, maybe 20 or so for gifts to my reader friends and family for Christmas. Great stocking stuffers also.

  2. I have one that I got at a quilt show years ago my friend and I went to…that is one of the things they put in their gift bags for each of the guests…haven’t tried to make one but sure will as I have a family of readers…

    1. I just made one using their directions..wish I had listened to you…next time I will use interfacing or maybe even a layer of flannel…my very thinnest batting was too heavy but it was fun to do and turned out great—other than too thick..

      1.   I am sorry your bookmark is too thick.  I was afraid batting would do that, but it was such a cute idea.  Glad you are feeling well enough to sew some.  Enjoy making more–I do like the flannel idea and may try that.   Deanna


  3. I can only repeat Kathys words… great gift idea I’ll surely make…not tomorrow, but at the weekend. My girls would love the one with the horse. And of course some for me as I read several books simultaneously.

  4. Those are cute. Perfect to tuck into a shoebox, don’t you think? You’re right. No matter how many bookmarks I have, I wind up using a tissue or a sales receipt or the library due list. LOL

  5. I couldn’t wait till weekend, I cut the pieces yesterday and now I’m working on 14 lilac/purple and green bookmarks (other colors come later). I really love this idea. And on my All Small list are storage bin and fabric bowl the next.

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