All Small Three: Day Three

Today’s project is an organizer tutorial from the Glamorous Housewife.

Her directions are detailed and not too hard to follow, but I managed to make a mistake that I did not discover until I was ready to call it finished.  My fastener is either backwards or upside down.  However, I decided that, since this project was just for me anyway, it was fine with me, and I wasn’t tearing the whole thing apart.


Part of the reason for letting the error stand is,  even though I like the look and it wasn’t exactly difficult, it wasn’t exactly fun.  All the layers on the pocket side make for very thick sewing.  Machine stalled out.  I switched to the old Pfaff 130 (which can sew leather).  I broke a needle.   I still had to hand crank through the very heaviest part at the zipper pocket.


So, go and take a look at the tutorial for yourself.  You will want one.  They are clever and handy.  But, be ready.  You’ll have to work for what you get.

ps–If you make one and would like to share, please do! I am interested in hearing how this tutorial works for you. ddt

3 thoughts on “All Small Three: Day Three

  1. it’s a neat looking the colors you used but that is just a little too complicated for me… but it would be a nice thing to have..great idea..

  2. It is a great looking organizer. The fastener looks okay from this end. =) Those are really cheerful fabrics, too.

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