All Small Three: Day Four

Now, that was fun!

I have seen fabric bowls all over the place and thought about making one for a long time, but it took All Small Week to be the right excuse.


This tutorial from Craftstylish looked interesting. The only hard part was going to the store and actually buying clothesline.  Shouldn’t I have had some laying around here somewhere?  But, I did not.

Once I had the clothesline, though, things went smoothly.  I thought about using scrap strings, but my pieces were really small and various reviewers and the tutorial writer all said bias cut would be easier.  So, I went back to the bias tutorial I used earlier in the week, but this time my strips were 3/4″ wide.  With a piece of fabric just larger than a fat quarter, I got a lot of bias strip. Enough, in fact, to make this extremely cool bowl.

It is about 5″ tall and 10″ handle to handle, and used nearly all of 50-foot package of clothesline.  Yes, you can tell this is my first try. It is a little lopsided, the handles aren’t even,  and some of the stitching isn’t beautiful, but I LOVE the results anyway and really want to make more.


This is a tutorial would recommend if you need a home decor item other than a quilt, or just if you want to try something new.  Go ahead!  You’ll have fun with this one.

ps–If you make one and would like to share, please do! I am interested in hearing how this tutorial works for you. ddt


3 thoughts on “All Small Three: Day Four

  1. I do want to try this one. It would be a great use for clearance bin fabrics where you like the colours but not the image. I’ll be on the lookout for the clothes line. Thanks.

  2. I have had clothesline all wrapped with fabric waiting for me several months now. And once I saw this it was time to get to work. I have finished 11 baskets of different sizes and 2 with handles, with 4 packages of line waiting to be wrapped. I found it easier to wrap all the line first and then just sit and sew. I used cut fat quarters so the strips were smaller and easier to handle and I glued each end as I went. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for the tutorial.

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