When people wonder why I spend my time sewing or doing other handwork, I tell them it is worth my time.

How?  Well, take a look.


Yep, how else do you get a payoff like that?!

Have a great day.  I am heading to the sewing room.

ps–If you missed them, the fabric crowns are from a tutorial and featured HERE.

7 thoughts on “Payoff

  1. simply adorable. I’m with you. After I get back from PT I am heading for my sewing room. love the crowns. So cute. Little king and queen. SIGH! Mine are all grown up. well sort of. 23 going on 5 and 8 going on 30. Sounds about right..

  2. your grandbabies are adorable…I will have to get one of those made for my great grand daughter who will be visiting soon…and I love the book—5 little monkeys—I sent that to her awhile back…thank you for your great tutorials but also thank you for the darling pictures…

  3. And the book, too? What a great idea! Of course, that’s what it’s all about – the love passing along, the joy. Yep, better than millions.

  4. You are a very clever and creative woman. My grandson would like a pterodactyl and I cannot find a commercial pattern. Do you have any source ideas? Thank you for taking the time to read this note.


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