7 thoughts on “Block Progress

  1. 42 blocks is a lot of progress! You are going to WAY surpass me on the block thing this month. What little bit of sewing I’ve done has been on finishing, not block making. I’ll bet your garden is going great!

  2. Lovely, as usual. I know it’s hard to decide between something’s you like or love to do. What do I do today?? HMM, let me think. Sunny- garden, rainy- SEW!!! That usually makes my mind up. In any case, can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. Oh, by the way. I just finished cutting out 2,500, 21/4″ squares for my cathedral quilt. PHEW! Not sure if I have enough though. Making it a king for my bed. I am also doing a cheaters quilt by hand. Will send you a picture when done. I am half way. It is a full size quilt. 24 blocks. It’s fun, and all by hand. It is pinks, teals and gray. I want to finish it before the really hot weather sets in. I also have a lot of blocks to make another one. Bed rug size for Christmas. Even though they are cheater quilts they are fun.

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