Sometimes you do something.  Just because.

I was doing some sorting and came across this book: Another Bite of Schnibbles.

It so happens that there was a pile of scrap that needed a project.  So nicely coordinated and just needing a few new friends to play.


And they turned in to this baby quilt. It is the Lincoln pattern, with an extra border to get it to baby quilt size:  35″ square.

Don’t ask me how these things happen.  I should have been working on something else.  But, this is what I wanted to do, and it is now done.  Except quilting. But that will happen soon enough, and the urge to start something new is out of my system.  For now.

ps–This is my first time making a Schnibble pattern.  Carrie Nelson makes it fun!  Easy to read patterns.  Reliable cutting directions.  Smooth assembly.  Give it a try.  You won’t regret it. ddt

6 thoughts on “Schnibble

  1. How adorable that is! And those colors just say summer sherbet treat, to me. Do you have the baby in mind already, too?

  2. hmmmm!!! that is adorable…and I love the colors…I am going to have to think about that one..trying to finish up another couple that I’ve had cut out for years—yes years!!!!

  3. I want to surprise my daughters with quilts that cover their beds…I only was looking for THE pattern (for ages)…thank you now I know what to do…this was so to say love for the first sight with this pattern. Your color scheme is so good!

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