Schnibble Finish

Small quilts finish quick.  Simple cross hatch quilting and a binding and, ta-dah!  A finish.


We are having a quiet holiday weekend here.  The children are at the grandparents.  I have a summer cold.  Yuck!  Just resting and appreciating the wonderful place we live and all the blessings we enjoy.  God bless America.

11 thoughts on “Schnibble Finish

  1. God Bless America!!!!! We are just the most fortunate people on earth—even the poorest of us have it sooo much better than the richest in a lot of countries…

    this turned out beautifully…I love the colors and the pattern…I am going to watch for the do such a good job and you have such a knack for color combinations…

    sorry you have a cold but hope you have a fun weekend anyway..i am sewing all weekend for a fundraiser in 2 weeks so it will be a fun one for me..

  2. Beautiful quilt and the blue color of the binding is perfect!

    This week I started cutting the pieces for my quilts using this star pattern but since I have lots of precut squares I’ll make nine-patches instead of the three strip (don’t know it’s correct name) block.

    I wish you getting better soon and have a good weekend after all.

  3. Yes, God bless America! And the people who live here, too. Love your finish. Very cheery and doesn’t look like a hopeless mix of scraps, as mine sometimes do. =) Take it easy, watch fireworks on TV, snuggle with your DH, enjoy each other’s company. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Hope the cold is under control!

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