This Week’s News

Last week’s cold turned in to this week’s…


Who gets pneumonia in July? This makes no sense to me, but it is true.

So, even more resting, more to be grateful for, and…not more time to sew. I sleep a lot.  And take breathing treatments.  And sleep some more. Hopefully in the next few days I will be back solidly in the land of the living, but for now I wanted to explain my silence.

21 thoughts on “This Week’s News

  1. Forget us! You take care of yourself. Pneumonia is nothing to fool around with, even in our modern medical miracle days.

  2. get well soon!!!!! do what the doctor says and rest, rest, rest!!! best thing for you…we miss you but it will be all the better when we know you are ok…

  3. Take good care of yourself! I live in Washington state and there have been a few cases recently. Not very easy stuff to get over! So lay low until you feel good! We can all wait!

  4. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Here in Oswego County of NY state, there is a lot of pneumonia going around. I hope you are feeling better soon. Loisjean

  5. Hope you feel better real soon. Maybe God has put your brakes on for a while. HMMM! Anyway you take care of you. Take as long as you need my girl. You’ll be better for it.

  6. Take care and let your family take care of you. It’s time for you to be pampered!!! May god grant you complete healing soon.

  7. Feeling your pain Deanna. I was hospitalized September last year for 5 days with it. No fun at all. It took me months to get back to normal. Rest and rest some more and don’t rush the recovery. Build those lungs up with the breathing exercises. Look after yourself.

  8. Ouch! Hope you feel better soon! My daughter got pneumonia in her junior year and spent 12 days out of school…the first time she ever missed that much school! Take care and get well.

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