Pneumonia Lessons

Things I have learned this week:

1. Oxygen. Is. Really. Important.

2. If your lungs sound anything like a hungry stomach, that is a bad sign.

3. If your lungs sound anything like crunching a bag of potato chips, that is a bad sign, too.

4. Sleep is good.

5. Nebulizers are gross, but helpful.

6. Pneumonia doesn’t always hurt.

7. I have bad side effects from Codeine.

8. Honey is a good alternative to Codeine.

9. It is farther from the bed to the couch than I realized.

10. It takes a long time to get over pneumonia.  The doctor said “One month.”  I said, “How about two weeks?”  He said, “How about 10 days in the hospital?”  I said, “A month sounds good to me.”

11.  I appreciate my friends and their kind words and encouragement.  A lot.  Thank you.

24 thoughts on “Pneumonia Lessons

  1. I get a pneumonia shot I believe it lasts for 5 yrs. I used to get pneumonia once or twice a season. Haven’t had it since. Can’t remember how much it cost, sorry. Hope you have a good rest and recovery.

  2. I’m so sorry you have pneumonia but glad to know you are still with us. I enjoy your blog. Listen to the Dr. Hospitals are not good places. Try some home remedies for the cough. Not as good as codeine but if it doesn’t work for you … My favorite is Lemon, hot water and honey. Many herbal teas sooth the throat – I had the cough – just didn’t get pneumonia. I hope you get better soon. Resting is a good time to think up new projects – just don’t do them.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you have pneumonia. That is the sickest I’ve ever been!! Rest, rest, rest! It is a good thing to cough sometimes! I do hope and pray that you recover soon. I do enjoy your blog! God bless you!

  4. Hey sprit…. YA.. I agree, home is a lot better then a hospital. Been there done it 7 times. I got pneumonia almost every year when we lived in Florida. Now I am back in Maine and didn’t get a cold this past winter or spring. But my secret is Vitamin C.. Lots of it. 1 everyday in summer and 3 a day in winter.. Can’t have a pneumonia shot because of my heart. You get some rest now. That is the most important thing. Pneumonia is no joke. We’ll catch you when you get better.

  5. Please, please take care of yourself. Pneumonia takes a lot out of the bank in your body. Do all the rest you can. Eat right, get sun, pace yourself. Read and exercise your brain. Your work is really great, but you need to get all better.

  6. Crumb, sounds like you’ll be feeling good just in tie to go back to school. I hope you at least are getting some sewing time in as you feel better.

  7. glad you are improving..have never had it and have not had the shots..i hope I never get it..just take care of yourself and get lots of rest…

  8. You take care of yourself and do what the doctor says…..I’ve been there and it really isn’t any fun. Thoughts and prayers going your way. Now, go take a nap!

  9. Oh…been there and done that both hospital and bed rest. Take care and truly don’t rush back into life will take a lot longer to get bet better if you relapse!!! Been there and done that too, twice! Time to read, dream, plan what you will do when you feel 100%. Take care!

  10. Take care, I know this is not the way you wanted to spend your summer vacation. On Thanksgiving evening my hubby said he thought he was coming down with a cold, Friday, Saturday felt O.K., Sunday morning I had him at the E.R. With pneumonia. Spent most of December in the hospital and two surgeries, came home Dec.23rd, 24 days of home infusions and two month on home health. Please take care of yourself! Hugs and praying for your speedy recovery.

  11. Do not try to rush your body, it’ll only backfire. Take ALL the time your doctor and your body tell you is needed for you to recover FULLY before you try to go back to your regular schedule. When you do go back, do so SLOWLY, just a little bit at a time to be sure you don’t overdo it. I hope your recovery isn’t too long and frustrating. Good wishes coming your way.

  12. Hope you feel better soon. Don’t push yourself, relax and rest and rest and more rest. Nebulizers are gross and I just couldn’t use it. They had to fight me to take the oxygen tubes out of my nose. Only way I could breathe. I felt so sick I hoped I’d die. Then I realized what I had hoped for and looked to the ceiling and stated that I was only joking. So glad I wasn’t heard.
    Use the down time to plan the things you need to plan and then plan some sewing for yourself when you get back to full health.

  13. 1. antibiotics are good
    2. rest is good
    3. fluids are good
    4. I really hope you get better very soon…bad stuff, pneumonia!! I had it too…sick for 2 months and got down to 104 pounds….

  14. I’ve had bacterial pneumonia and dr. told me it would take a good 3 months to get back to my ole self. Amazing what a little bug will do to ya. Drink lots of fluids…. I was to take 1-2 tsp of the codine cough med every 4-6 hours. It wiped me out so bad that I ended up taking only 1/8 of a tsp every 6 hours. The only good thing was I got lots of reading done…. when I wasn’t sleeping. Do feel better.

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