Explaining The Back

Husband suggested  (read “insisted”) that I should explain the back of the Build-A-Baby Quilt just finished for the son of our Number One Son and his wife.

Number One Son and his sweet wife have been married 10 years.  They were young when they married (22 and 19) and looked forward to starting a family.  In 10 years they have had three miscarriages and no babies.



Very hard.

Finally, after the last miscarriage, they went through an extensive battery of tests with some top notch fertility doctors and were told that the chance of her being able to get pregnant again at all were very small, and the chances of her carrying that pregnancy were essentially zero.



Very hard.

So, they were faced with some decisions.

They were angry, in denial, mourning–all the natural emotions.

Finally, acceptance.

And a plan.

They started saving money.  Adoption is expensive.

$25,000 later, they were ready.

A lot of paperwork.

More waiting.

More hard.

More worry.

Finally, a  call that they had been selected.

Then a call that the baby was coming.  Two weeks early.

Because the birth mother is a smoker, that was a worry.

Plus, the hospital was several hours away.


Later that day, the 16th of July, their tiny baby, William Rockwell T., was born: 5 lbs. 12 oz, 17″ long.

What a wait.

Worth the wait.

And that is the story of the quilt.


How is that the story of the quilt?

Well, the quilt is based on a Carpenter’s Star.


For two reasons:  1. The Master Carpenter has been with them all along and made this all possible by giving them hope and peace beyond understanding.  2. Carpenters build things and there are many right ways to build a family.


And the back?  Well, the back is turtles, because, while it took him a long time to get here, slow and steady wins the race.

So, there you go! That explains the back.

38 thoughts on “Explaining The Back

  1. I love it when there is a meaning to crafts. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I look forward to the tutorial!

    Congratulations to your family on your new arrival!!!

  2. I love the story of a quilt. What a wait and indeed worth the wait. He waited also for just the perfect family to welcome him into the world. A tiny turtle has made a big ripple in your families hearts and lives. Congratulations to the new parents and to you, the grandparents.
    Amaya, our 18 month old granddaughters nickname is turtle. My son named her that the minute he saw her born. She answers to turtle every time he says it.

  3. As someone who had fertility struggles and ended up with a patchwork family, I really love this happy ending! Great story and great ending. I’m sure their sweet boy will be worth the wait!

  4. I am so sorry for the 10 years of disappointment and sadness. Praise the Lord for the arrival of William!!! And yes, the Best Carpenter has been building the perfect life for Number One Son and His Wife!! What a perfect quilt to make for them.

    Loisjean H. Radomski

  5. Adoption is a wonderful thing. All 3 of my children joined my family in that manner and it was worth the wait. Love the story behind the quilt.

  6. How wonderful for you, a lovely new baby. I am so happy for all of you, and for William who I’m sure will have a wonderful life with his new family. I’m sure his quilt will be the first of many.

  7. I Love the quilt , I love the fabric. I loveeeee the story. I am so sure that baby will be Loved also. Your a good grandma..
    Happy sewing

  8. I love EVERYTHING about this quilt and the story!!!!I am so glad they have their boy!!!! I have 2 adopted grandsons…they have the same mother different fathers but when we adopted them they got the same mother and same father!!!! we got Jake –14—when he was one day old and we got Pete–12–when he was 10 days old..they are both precious to all of us..i know William will be loved and loved..thank you for the story and for showing us the beautiful quilt..and the beautiful baby!!!! what a smile!!!!!!!

  9. That’s a very lovely story. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to birth-mother for the courage to give birth and give up the child she had borne. Best wishes to the new parents, grandparents, and everybody else in this tiny baby’s new family.

  10. A story that deserved telling. I’m so happy for them! There was a baby who needed them, and a family is born. The quilt is even more beautiful now.

  11. Wow! I am so taken back. What a little blessing that child will be. Praise the Lord above for this tiny little gift of life for him and for them. You all are so very blessed. What a lovely story. Our son and daughter in law adopted a little girl 3 days old. She is now 9. What a blessing she is to them now. Congratulations to you all,

  12. Great story, great outcome, beautiful quilt. My brother and SIL adopted all three of their children and I married into all three of my children. Yes there are many ways to build a family.

  13. Our daughter and son in law like yours have had a lot of trials trying to get pregnant. SIL had cancer at 25… before he went thru kemo/radiation the Huntsman Center told him…. go upstairs to the sperm bank and make a donation to your family plan. Years later (he has been cancer free for about 10 years) they went with in vitro fertilization and had a son. Then started thinking about foster care and also adoption. One thing led to another and before we know it within a weeks time they had two more children. A little girl 14 months and her little 4 month old brother! Instant family. God Bless you and your family. It’s truly a dream come true.

  14. Give that keeper husband of your a hug and thanks. That story is epic! Besides having a georgeous quilt to two blessed people with an adorable baby swaddled inside, you got another great gift – GRANDMA. Congratulations!!

  15. Thank you for sharing your quilt story. I have had infertility issues that resulted in the wonderful blessing of adoption. I think, with your son and his wifes permission, you should write about this and your thoughts going into the quilt for the Ensign. The thought that you put into this quilt and the profound and simple beauty of what you said really touched my heart.

    Even though you might have sighed, I’m glad your husband insisted. :o)

    Love you!

  16. What a beautiful story! After having three sons, I finally had a daughter. She came to me at the age of 14 and came with a 14 month old son. She is now 44, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. There are many ways to build a family and the bottom line is always love. Enjoy!! And congratulations.

  17. Such a wonderful story and I absolutely love the connection of the “master carpenter and the turtles. Congratulations to you and your family on the new addition.

  18. I love it. My daughter was one week early. She weighed 5 lbs 14 oz. I didn’t smoke but I was sick with morning sickness all day for the last seven months. She is 40 years old today. One day Mom & Dad will look back at the day he was born, the story of his quilt, & the faith that gave them this beautiful son remembering that faith is the only thing we have at times to keep us going. It is so sad parents have to pay so much to adopt a child. I pray you all have many times with this little man that you treasure. Remind them when he paints the ceiling with lipstick & dumps flour, sugar, water, or anything on the floor!

  19. What a wonderful quilt and story. As someone who went through infertility problems and eventually an adoption I really understand the back story. After 35 years the memories of my emotional pain are still strong. Good luck to your son and family.

    A close relative is going through the same situation now and is just starting to investigate adoption. Would you be able to provide some ideas or suggestions about how your son and daughter-in-law proceeded? Please feel free to email me directly is willing to offer advice.

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