Wrong Size. Perfect Color.

I spotted this at a yard sale about a month ago.  Oh. My. Heck.  That is one beautiful shirt.  But, when I pulled it out of the pile, it was obviously the wrong size. (Sorry for the picture quality.  I am not a master of selfie photography.  Thank goodness.)


But, it was one dollar.

And….it came home with me.

Surprisingly, the refashion was fairly easy.  The shoulders were already the right width, which simplified things considerably.  I used an existing shirt that fit well and laid it over this one to mark a cutting line.  Two quick seams and a serger later, ta-dah!  A new shirt.


I did decide to add a center dart to make the back fit better.  It is long, but not worth redoing the hem for.  We’ll pretend it was supposed to be that way.


I love my “new” shirt.  And, it came with a little something extra.


As it is 100% cotton and good quality fabric, I cut charm squares from the fabric removed.  What a bonus–perfect color shirt and some quilting parts included!

12 thoughts on “Wrong Size. Perfect Color.

  1. It looks terrific as a shirt, but the fabric is very pretty. At that price, even if your do-over didn’t go well, you’d have a lot of fabric and it would be well worth it.

  2. Well done! I’m not a seamstress AT ALL, so if I’d bought the shirt, all of it would’ve become quilt parts. I admire your ability to make clothes that fit and make you happy. I have no talent, patience, or interest in doing that. Only thing I can and want to sew is quilts!

  3. That’s a pretty shirt. Must have been WAY too big to have squares that large left from the scraps. =) Love the squares. I was cutting up scraps this morning. My shoebox was almost empty after fading charms, and now it’s almost full again. Time to do one of the ones you’ve done since then!

  4. You are my crafty HERO! I love it! And love that you made scrap squares with what you cut off. I am still working on both Twinkle Baby and Fading Charms. Love them!

  5. you are so talented at refashioning…I’ve always loved paisley prints and that one is very pretty…and I love the charm squares..i have bought things at thrift shops just to use for quilt squares..sometimes you never see any fabric that looks like it..you have fitted it so nice and I don’t think it is too long..looks great..clever clever clever!!!

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