Hand Quilting Is Restful

I continue a slow climb out of pneumonia.  When the doctor said “one month” as an estimated recovery time, I didn’t believe him.  I am young(-ish).  I am healthy.  I have never needed a month to recover from anything.  But, it is looking more and more like he was right.  That puts me sometime the first week of August before I can expect to feel better.

Well, OK, then, if that is the way it has to be, I’ll do what I can in the meantime … and sleep a lot in between.  Yesterday I was too tired to do much but not really sleepy, so I got out this little something started back in February.


Hand quilting is very restful.


And it is finished!

9 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Is Restful

  1. And it’s beautiful! Does it have a home decided yet? I’m glad you are actually listening to the doctor, though, and taking it easy. We get used to working through colds and allergies and having 24-hour flu and we forget that some things are actually SERIOUS!

  2. I love that..i have had that fabric and I made pillow tops out of it..it was fun and as you say restful to quilt..that is the kind of thing I like to hand quilt..keep on taking it easy and only do what you feel up to doing..

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