New Life For Leftovers

In 2010  I made a block of the month quilt for a local quilt shop. You can read more about it HERE.

For years (four years) the scraps have been here looking to be made into…something. I vowed this would be the year.

And here it is…


A throw quilt, and…


A pillow.

No tutorials here, just playing with fabric and taking inspiration as it came from the colors and sizes of scraps on hand.


The top finishes at 49″x56″ and the pillow is a standard 18″ square.

They are fun in a scrappy-happy kind of way, I think.


This set is being donated to the Real Men Can Cook fundraiser dinner and silent auction being held locally in September to benefit the battered womens shelter.  I hope it contributes substantially to this important cause.

13 thoughts on “New Life For Leftovers

  1. I’ll bet it does! That’s a great set and who wouldn’t want it? I love the way you added a star into the mix – may be my favorite star, too. =) You are so good with coordinating borders, and that backing is just a wonderful improv piece from leftovers. Great finish!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful and so organized. It should bring in a bundle for a good cause. Keep up the excellent work. Enjoy your blog so much and look forward to it.

  3. I made—well I have almost finished—that BOM quilt..this reminded me to get it out and finish it…I won’t have enough scraps left to do that much with them but will do something…that is a beautiful set and a worthy cause..

  4. Absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful cause it’s benefiting. I think scrappy quilts describe most of us……a little thrown together, but oh so useful!

  5. Excellent…. I was going to recommend you hold onto it until the next wedding your invited too. Hope it makes a bunch of cash for the shelter. Nice job.

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