Well, That Didn’t Work

I gave myself a sewing marathon Friday night (the first time I have felt like it in a long time) and enjoyed myself.  Along the way I decided to get out my small strings box and try an idea that had been floating around for a while now.

Somehow, the measurements were off and I ended up with…this…poor…thing.  Very oddly proportioned.


Drat!  That didn’t work.

Not to be daunted, I tried again and produced something much more attractive.  Three of them in fact.


Spool blocks!  I have wanted to make some for ages.

They are small (finish to 4″ x 5″) but surely they will be good for something. In the meantime, I am playing with fabric and waiting to see what happens next.

16 thoughts on “Well, That Didn’t Work

  1. I think your title for this post should be “Well, that didn’t work, at first.” I have certainly had similar results with a few projects I had dreamed up. Glad you stuck with it and made some lovely spools including a partially used one.

  2. I love the ‘buy more thread’ and ‘spool getting empty’ for the first block..if you decide to make a pillow top or small throw or wall hanging put it in a lower left spot in among the ‘full’ spools..

    also it reminds me of a row quilt..our quilt club when it was in existence years ago did a row by row quilt every few years ….so much fun…we’d each make a row that had to be a certain width—let’s say 48″ wide and didn’t matter what it was or what color–then we put them all together and it always turned out very happy and bright and pretty…we’d make it into a quilt and use it for a donation quilt..

  3. I like the first one. Like others, my first thought was it was a half-empty spool. I think you should make more and sprinkle them in. Quilter at Work – good name for a quilt. =)

  4. I agree with Melanie. When I first looked at it, it reminded me of a spool of thread that was partially used up. Very unique mixed in the full spools of thread. Be interesting to see, who would notice it and who wouldn’t. My guess is that nobody will even notice it. Have a blessed day and keep on creating.

  5. A good idea for using strings. I love your first block such as the other ones. I think of a sampler quilt or an ‘I love sewing’ wall hanging with all the things a quilter uses…including a sewing machine in the center block and the other things around. It will be lovely anyway.

  6. Hi,

    I like them! Are you going to give us directions soon? I just had to trim scraps from cross cutting jelly roll pieces to 1 ½” to make “Jump Rings” from Missouri Quilts”, the trims are just under 1” and would make great threads for the spools.


  7. Hi, I didn’t understand what was “wrong” with the first one until I saw your next batch. They are so pretty. And I never thought like everyone else that it was a half used up spool, what a good idea. I never realized that, that would be such a good use for the tiny strips of material left over. And the spools of thread really are pretty. I would enjoy making a few spool blocks, but would not enjoy making a whole big quilt of them. I enjoy your creative flow, and your sharing. And I also learn a lot with everyone else’s comments. So thank you!

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