Most Of A Top

The spools are sashed and joined up.


I really like the way it looks so far.

Borders are next.  I am debating between a narrow border made with thin (1″)  scraps like the individual sections of the spools, OR an alternating border of small squares and background fabric, either a single row or two rows.  Both options would finish with  another border of background outside of it. I will probably bind it in brown.



10 thoughts on “Most Of A Top

  1. Difficult to explain, but i shall try…

    I’d you took background color and cut a length lets say just less than half the width of the quilt then add sections of strips used in the quilt in different lengths until you had enough to form upper border..attach to top

    Continue in random lengths for the right side ..attach to right side

    Now do random lengths to just less than centre then add length of background ..attach to bottom

    With background color sew to entire left side

    2nd border row

    Now reverse for 2nd border

    Where plain is add strips and where strips are add background

    Not the best in explaining myself but hope you were able to get the idea

    Think it would add to an already awesome quilt

  2. Hi, It is really beautiful- so very pretty; I love the colors. And they are so pretty because they are set off, and separated by the white. Allow them to shine within the quilt. Whatever you do for a border let it complement it, but not distract from it. Let the eye come back to the tiny beautiful colors within the spools. With that said anything you do I’m sure will be beautiful.

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