Spools Top Complete

It isn’t very large and it isn’t very fancy, but it makes a quilter heart happy!


The spools top is complete.


Thanks to all of you who shared ideas on the border. After much debate, a single narrow border of scrap strips seemed best. I do like the result.


I am working on the tutorial now. If you like what you see and want to try one too, get out your little scraps and start sorting colors. That was my favorite part of the quilt–just playing with fabric!

26 thoughts on “Spools Top Complete

  1. I think your quilt is Beautiful!! LOOOVE it! You did Awesome job!

    Am very Excited for your tutorial…would love to make one for my Wall! Thank you so much!

  2. Your Spool quilt is very pretty. I think what makes it so pretty is that it
    is so different than the others. I often wondered why no one ever thought
    to have thread on the spools instead of always empty spools. Cannot sew
    to much with an empty spool. You took care of that. Thank you so much.
    Good luck with your tutorial. Happy Quilting, Esther

    1. If you were to see my thread drawer, you would have a good idea of where the idea came from. I mean to keep it neat and tidy, but those spools shuffle around, surely all by themselves, and end up a happy jumble of color.

    1. Playing with color is always my favorite, I think. The challenge of capturing the real feel of spools was good on this piece, too. It is an interesting combination of art quilt and modern quilting and a traditional block. Not that I set out to be all that, but the results are very happy. And colorful! 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great idea to try out. It will make a great lap quilt for the cancer center here in Lewiston Maine. Love the brightness of the colors. Yeah me, another one to try. They get all my samples. I just love making quilts. I agree with dezertsuz. Not every quilt has to be bed size. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  4. Thats quite a coinsidence, I went window shopping @my favorite fabric stores today & lingered for quite some time @ all the different types of threads available that weren’t when even around when I was a kid. Totally amazed & delighted at all I found. Several were so segrated within a sinhle spool. Then tonight I get to enjoy looking at your quilt. Beautiful, really sooooo pretty, love the border too. Great job.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. As I was following the steps, I found what I think is a mistake in step 17. Shouldn’t the stips be one at 1-1/2″ wide and five 2-1/2″ wide? I do plan on making this one, five boxes of scraps need attention. 🙂

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