14 thoughts on “More Than Worth It

  1. Wow, that’s great! Worthwhile for the charity, certainly, but also good to know a quilt you made could bring in so much. That has to feel good, too. =)

  2. Great. How did they raise that amount? So often, quilts like that are sold at a silent auction for WAY less than they are worth,meh makes me reluctant to donate quilts to charities for fund raisers. But this was just wonderful.

  3. Worth every penny. But I agree with a couple others who said quilts don’t go for much near them. It is very discouraging, the idea of contributing a bed quilt that bring $150-300, or even less. That is not enough.

    My guild has done raffle quilts, selling tickets, that have brought a fair amount. But most charities use silent auctions near me.

  4. Prayers and Squares of St.Elizabeth Ann Seton, Plano Tx has been doing quilts for charity to be raffled off as well as our prayer lap quilts for who ever needs them. Hospital chaplain, womens shelter and dresses for the girls of Africa. We also do not like the silent auction as much as selling tickets, we have not gotten as much as you did, but the charities we sew for are so grateful. My sisters in sewing are all paying it forward and it keeps us social and off the streets…..Continued good wishes,

  5. Worth it indeed, not only the money raised but also a very grateful recipient of the quilt. It certainly warms the heart knowing your unselfish donation was rewarded so well.

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