Help Name This Quilt

This is a new little project that just happened to happen in the sewing room this past week. The scraps had been sitting around, and the idea came. But, no name came with them…very sad, a little nameless quilt.


I plan to write a tutorial for the pattern. What shall we call it? Please share your best ideas…this quilt does not want to be just called “Quilt” for the rest of its life.

To help with the process, it is 37″ square–appropriate  for a baby wrapper or table topper.

Thanks! I have the best readers in the world. You are sure to come up with something perfect.

62 thoughts on “Help Name This Quilt

  1. Hi, I love the Sherbert one, by Zula, but I had to add a name anyways, just for the fun of it. “Summers Offerings”, as it reminds me of the last offerings of the summers flowers, and the transition of summer to fall. And by the way it is very cheerful!

  2. The colors do suggest sherbet; however, the squares in squares suggest Bull’s Eye–thinking of a baby”s ability to spit up in strategic places. But that may not be the image you want to create. 🙂

  3. it makes me think of spring so how about Spring Fling ??? I love the colors and the pattern..can hardly wait for the tutorial…I have lots of squares——but ooops!!!! I think I may have misspoken this morning when I said I was NOT starting anything else til I did some finishing..well, so much for that thought!!!! (I have a very clean mind!! I change it often!!)

  4. Love your quilt….when I first saw it, the pinks reminded of the blooms on a geranium I had in a planter on my deck this summer….so my suggestion for a name would be Sweet Geranium…

  5. Here are some I thought might work: Rock Candy; Baby Blocks; Windows on the Garden; Right Angles or Spring Angles; Square Deal; Bird Nest City. Is that enough? LOL It’s cute, whatever you call it.

  6. Okay. Right off the bat, this piece made me think of flowers in the window box . . . when I was a kid, we had window boxes under each of the front windows and spring, summer, and fall, my mom would have flowers growing in them! Petunias or impatiens . . . bold pinks, oranges and plenty of green! I say “Flowers in the Window Box”! 🙂

  7. ‘Fruit Tingle’ I just love those little coloured lollies that tingle on your tongue when you eat them. Just like those lollies, your quilt makes my heart tingle looking at it.
    Happy birthday to you. You know we are twins born a decade or more apart.

  8. After reading part of the post…. that the blocks had been sitting for a while, and that the quilt needed a name…. Forget Me Not or Knots came into mind. Cute quilt. Nice to have one more off of the UFO list hmmm?

  9. Reminded my of “Pink Confection” or “Confection in Pink”. Very pretty quilt, I can see some little girl of about 3 or 4 still carrying around this beautiful quilt she’s had all her life, wrapping her dollies up in it, then snatching it back to go to bed @ night. lol

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