For…well…let’s just say “for a while,” Daughter (Sparkle Jane) and I have been working on a massive project of love:  The Francis Quilts.

This project is a set of seventeen memory quilts in honor of the sister-in-law of a family friend.


As of today, the tops are pieced–all seventeen of them.

There is still a long ways to go, but we have made it this far. Quilting next!

6 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. I do admire you…if my memory serves me right—and lots of times it doesn’t–these are all made out of her clothes??? good for you getting this much done…and good luck finishing them…

    1. Yes, they are made from her clothes. That was a large part of the challenge. Deconstructing the clothing back to fabric and dealing with the variety–from denim to satin and a lot of knits–was very time consuming (and used a lot of interfacing). Well, truly, they are mostly her clothes. There wasn’t enough fabric to do so many and I supplemented with assorted solids in colors to match what was already there.

  2. Oh, that is a long time. I remember when you first talked about these, and it seems like ages ago. But you stuck with it, and they are ready for the next step! They will be appreciated, I know. That should be good for a few blocks on the 350 count!

  3. That is an amazing amount of work! Do you have any idea how you are going to finish them off?, stitch in the ditch, tie them, or something more complicated? Do you have people that could help you with this part? Are the quilts all different sizes? I am not sure where you are located; I am in upper New York, along the Canadian border. I can tie off real well; and I can do simple straight sewing with a walking foot on the lap and baby quilts. I have trouble getting the bigger ones in my machine bed. If you need help, as 17 seems like an overwhelming number, I would be glad to pitch in.

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