Sew Sweet Simplicity Block One–Times TWO!

I was late posting my block, but I did deliver twice the goods.  When a pattern is this pretty and goes together this easily, why not make two?!


Yes, this is my take on the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM Block 1 being sponsored by Art of Home. It is a more jewel-tone color scheme,  and I am making the centers dark.  I  have a twist planned for the setting, but we’ll see how the blocks turn out before I give that much away. Next month I really hope to be on time sharing my block(s).  Why don’t you share yours?  Join in if you haven’t signed up yet.  There are many options available and one is sure to suit you. See you next month for block two.

11 thoughts on “Sew Sweet Simplicity Block One–Times TWO!

  1. I love the first pattern. I hope to get to one this week. In batiks. I love what you did with both of yours! Just gorgeous blocks. I look forward to seeing your little twists as we go. =)

  2. Love your blocks – I just signed up for the email pattern – hope to get started making one soon 🙂

  3. what gorgeous blocks..i love jewel tones..wish I had time to give it a try but just too much to daughter, grand daughter and grand daughter-in-law all have things for me to make plus I have a baby shower in January to make things for so I am pretty busy here…but I do love them and can hardly wait to see your next ones..

  4. I love your bright colors. I have the 1st block downloaded and ready to do “when I find the time”. Have a Secret Santa box to finish and two little swaps then I’ll have time for myself. In the meantime I will be contented in watching everyone’s progress.

  5. Lovely blocks indeed. I love your different spin with your colours. NOT STARTING!!! anything new at the moment. Way too hot here for me these days. Staying cool takes all my time.

  6. Ooh, that’s fun – two for the price of one, and love the jewel-tone colors. Everyone’s personality is shining through in these blocks. Can’t wait to see your twist on the setting!

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