It Has A Name: Window Box

Thank you so much to all who submitted name ideas for my most recent creation.  More than 60 suggestions were shared, and I definitely know where to turn  for inspiration any time I need it.  Thank you all!

Husband got the final word on the subject.  I showed him the list and the quilt and asked, “What do you like?”  He selected….


I love it!  It really fits the quilt.  A special thank you to Denise and Maxine and  for making the suggestion.  While I didn’t say I would do this originally, I am sending a little thank you gift along.  It is the least I can do.


I am working on a tutorial now and should have it ready by the end of the week.  Thanks to you all again!

6 thoughts on “It Has A Name: Window Box

  1. I like the name…fits it…so pretty and springy looking —like a window box full of spring flowers..can hardly wait for the tutorial…

  2. Just a little late to the party, this is one of my all time favorite blocks, great for scraps or “stacking the deck” (aka shuffle method), now I can put a name to it that I won’t forget! Love the quilt in pic!

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