Nearly Halfway (Or That Is What I Am Telling Myself)

Here is a quick update on the memory quilt project.  You might remember that I am making 17 memory quilts for the Francis family.  Quite a project.

There are five completely finished.


One that needs the binding stitched down.


Three that need binding attached.


One in the process of being quilted (no picture).

And seven in the “to quilt” pile.


Yep, that accounts for all 17.

I keep telling myself that this is a lot like halfway…this will have an end.  And I will be so happy.  And the family will be, too.  Nearly halfway…nearly halfway….

6 thoughts on “Nearly Halfway (Or That Is What I Am Telling Myself)

  1. I am exhausted just reading this blog!!!!! I am so glad you have stuck to it so well..i know it shouldn’t be any different than making 17 quilts but to me it seemed like a daunting project..i am so proud of you for getting it done and will be glad to see that you have totally finished it…I know the family will be too…

  2. I’d say, considering that ALL 17 are finished tops, that was half way. So having 5 completely done, 4 in some stage of binding, you are WAY more than halfway finished!

  3. The family will be more than happy with those quilts. You should definitely be happy with your progress. Half way is good.

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