Looking for small gifts that all people, but particularly quilt-y types, would love?  Look no more!


Cards…sets of them.  Made using tiny strips of fabric.  I am distracted!

I got started and did not stop.  Five sets of four later, I am totally happy.  This is enough for now.  More can be done later.


They are based on a Denyse Schmidt pattern called Dis-cards.  You can find it HERE.


I changed things up a bit with diagonal placement and gold thread–seemed more dynamic.


One tip that might help you is to tack down the strips using a glue stick.  I keep a permanent glue stick in my sewing machine cabinet and find myself reaching for it often.

7 thoughts on “Cards

  1. No matter how many scraps you use, you still have at least as many – if not more – left. It’s a no win proposition. You simply cannot use up your scraps by making quilts out of them. But that shouldn’t keep you from making scrap quilts or scrap anything else. I LOVE scrappy stuff, including these cards; and you definitely save money by not buying new fabric. Just don’t do it thinking you can use up your scraps!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos – I clicked on the link to read the instructions but the 4 photo’s would not open – luckily I could refer back to yours 🙂

  3. what a neat idea…I am going to make some and send them to my daughter to use…she is always looking for unique cards for notes and thank yous and that sort of thing…will put gold thread on my list as I like that…yours are darling…thanks so much for the idea…

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