Seventeen Delivered

Today I met the owner of the seventeen quilts at my school.  Why?  Who has a room large enough to display 340 square feet of quilt?  Not me!


The background story:  My friend asked me to make memory quilts–seventeen of them. She brought Calista’s wardrobe to me.  It filled bags and tubs.  Once it was at my house it sort of sunk in what I had agreed to do.  For a long time I would get out the fabric, sort it, make piles and put it away.  Then, days or weeks later, I would get it out and the process would play out again. Finally, I caught the vision, gathered up my courage, and went to work. The pattern is not my design.  Credit goes to Pippa Patchwork.  This is her Sidewalk Quilt. (NOTE:  This pattern is apparently no longer for sale.  If you are interested in it, I suggest you contact Pippa directly.)

Young Son helped turn the clothing back in to fabric.  That is not a nice job.  I did all the cutting.  Daughter helped with some of the piecing.  Finally, this fall, I felt a strong desire to finish.  By my record, I finished the 17th top on October 25.  Then it was time to quilt.  That, and the binding, took me through to last week.  It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband who chauffeured children, cooked dinner, washed dishes and generally put up with my distraction and fatigue.


Seeing them all together and spread out was an experience even for me.  When the owner walked in there was a long silence.  She walked slowly between them, looking at each one.

2014-12-20 14.00.24

“My heart is joyful,” she said.


That was all I needed to hear.

20 thoughts on “Seventeen Delivered

  1. Wow! Beautiful job!! That’s a lot of quilts and a whole lot of work you put into them. What a accomplishment! I’m sure your friend is very happy. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas ❤

  2. Fabulous! The layout on the gym floor reminds me of going to see a lot of aids quilts laid out a decade ago. This was so wonderful of you! And no one can complain they like the one someone else got better. 😉 Your heart is full tonight, I know!

  3. God bless you girl, you just won a front row seat in Heaven for making 17 quilts for someone else. They are all wonderful and the recipient should be thrilled with them. Hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas with your family.

  4. WOW! seeing them all spread out like that makes me realize what a mammoth job you did for your friend. Great end result. What a wonderful family you have to help out while you did this. High five to them.

  5. they are beautiful..i love the pattern—the design—starting in one corner with small squares and gradually getting bigger in the opposite corner..what a clever way to do it..use up all sizes of pieces of the her clothing…hard for me to comprehend doing something like that…but you did a great job…(and that was a clever way of displaying them!)

  6. Congrats on a job well done! The memory quilts are beautiful and will mean so much to those who will receive them. I made a king size t-shirt quilt for a family friend from his brother’s Harley Davidson motorcycle t-shirts. (His brother died in a car accident). When I presented the quilt to him and his mother, they were overwhelmed. A family friend who was there to see it said with tears in his eyes, “I don’t know you, but I need to hug you.” It was such a gratifying and emotional experience and I was so proud of the quilt I had created. What wonderful gifts you have given them by sharing your talents.

  7. Amazing! And what a great choice of pattern! So simple, yet with the perfect possibility for spreading out the various pieces of fabric/clothing over the many quilts! I know somebody who made five memorial quilts out of one person’s clothing, but 17, that’s truly amazing. Great job. I know you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and I’m so glad the “client” loved and appreciated your work.

  8. Looks like you had to climb on the basketball hoop to get that photo! Very dramatic photo and accomplishment. Like others, I find the usefulness of the various sizes in the pattern and the identical pattern for each remarkable.

  9. How absolutely amazing. I was deeply touched by your work. All of those squares represent the clothing that a loved person wore, worked in and touched people’s lives. Now you have taken those same clothes and it will warm and touch and continue to breathe the life of that person on through the quilts.

    You have blessed them deeply. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Everyone else has already said everything! It is amazing and inspiring! And to see that many in one place is mind boggling. You accomplished an amazing task of love, with the support of a wonderful family. Enjoy your Christmas; and the blessings of the Holidays! And of course I am sure some much needed sleep!

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